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Trio of Cardio (1)

To help you through these trying times here are 3 cardio (which works your heart and lungs) exercises that can be done in isolation or with some of my other video trios (more to follow, core already out there).

I am doing these on a log in front of our swimming pond but these exercises can be done anywhere and away from others by using a stair/step or a low chair.

You can do 1-4 sets of 10-20 repetitions and have about 1 minute rest between sets or you could do the core in between sets.

As a gauge start at an amount that gives you a slight burn or leaves you slightly breathless then add approximately 10% per week.

If you need any help please just ask, I'd love to help and stay well and sane!

Always do a warm up before a workout and stretches post workout

All exercises & advice taken are done at your own risk

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