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Trio of Arms

Here are 3 arm exercises that you can do inside or outdoors (away from others)

You can use free weights, logs, bottles, cans or books. As a bonus an odd shaped weight can help improve grip strength.

Do a warm such as my Trio of Cardio (1) video and some mobilising such as shoulder shrugs and rolls and stretch after the exercises especially your chest and triceps (I feel a stretch video coming on).

You can combine these arm exercise with some of my other Trio videos

Eg: you could make a circuit of 1 Core; 1 Cardio; 1 Arm; 1 Leg and repeat or repeat with the other exercises.

You can do 1-4 sets of 10-20 reps or a HIIT session of 20,18,16,14 etc reps

A rough guide is to rest 1 minute between sets - keep your feet gently moving, have some water and take some slow deep breaths.

Mix it up and enjoy

Any questions please just ask, I would love to help and I'm not going anywhere!


Always do a warm up and cool down stretch

Exercises are done at your own risk

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