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"Top 5 Wellness Retreats for Health & Wellbeing"

Wahoooo! Beau Monde Traveler features Stede Court Private Fitness Retreat as one of the "top 5 wellness retreats for health & wellbeing"

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"This list of the top 5 wellness retreats, within a three hour drive of London, proves that restoration and recovery can be found close to city life and, whether you’re interested in yoga and meditation, nutrition or are simply looking for some peace and quiet, you will find solace and some deeply deserved rest."

"Stede Court hosts its private fitness retreat in its namesake seventeenth century property, a stunning Jacobean house that welcomes small private groups of guests with authenticity and charm. Seven acres of surrounding gardens, fields, swimming ponds and a luxury outdoor sauna allows guests to reconnect with nature whilst benefitting from personal and small group training. Stede Court focuses on bespoke escapes tailor made to satisfy the needs of each guest. Itineraries can range in content from Yoga and personal fitness training to massage and wine tasting, it’s all about balance, right? The retreat’s founder and director, Kathryn Freeland, has been deemed ‘the world’s most sought-after trainer’ having spent over twenty years training celebrity clients. In such expert hands, guests are sure to receive a truly a-list experience."

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