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Stay motivated by mixing it up!

On a gloomy but dry Monday morning I wasn't feeling like doing my planned yoga session then I thought I'd mix it up, layer it up and go outside. It was brilliant, the air was clean and invigorating and the view, albeit it a winter one, was so motivating having done my yoga indoors for several weeks.

I had to layer up and wear my wellies to the decking and take some hot ginger tea with me but that felt all part of the fun, I truly enjoyed it!

So how about next time your motivation is slipping away, think what could I do to make it more appealing to me at this moment? Perhaps you could cut the time down by making it more intense ie: run faster or less rest between sets; go outdoors or somewhere different or even a different room; try a new exercise or YouTube video.

Remember you will always feel better having done something.

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