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Make the most of every season

I used to wish away autumn and winter in a rush to get to spring and summer as I love the warmth and found the chillier & darker months challenging.

Mindfulness helped me realise that I was, in effect, wishing my life away. I needed to live in the present and appreciate that every day and season has wonderful things to offer, just look at this sunrise from our field. Made all the better because it was taken at 7.15am, I would have had to get up considerably earlier in the summer to see this!

So now I have bought some more outdoor layers, treat myself to a lovely new cashmere jumper each year, do yoga as well as all my other exercise outdoors (not in the rain though) and we have a really effective chimenea in the tree house to be able to have lunch, meditation or sundowners outside.

It has made me so much happier!

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