• Stede Court Retreat

I'm blown away!

I am so grateful for this amazing guest review:

"Stede Court Private Fitness Retreat is simply a gift to life… from the moment I was greeted by Kathryn, with her beautiful warm and beaming smile, and Nellie with her propellor tail and heart melting eyes, I knew I had made a good decision.

Everyday life had taken its toll on my overall fitness and wellbeing, slowly weighing me down and draining me of energy and motivation. Somehow along the road I had lost my mojo. I hoped Stede Court Fitness Retreat could at least point me in the right direction to rediscovery. It did far more than that… I feel my spark for life has been re-ignited!

The perfectly constructed personal retreat plan explored my physical, mental and nutritional status without judgement. I think that is something important for people to know. No matter your current state of fitness or wellbeing, at no point are you made to feel bad, inadequate or a failure @StedeCourtRetreat. This isn’t a retreat built only for the honed and toned or fitness fanatics with uber challenging objectives. Yoga, mindfulness and meditation ... It never crossed my mind that it could be helpful to me. Well, everyday is a school day to learn something new. These, together with circuits in my happy place outdoors, are now part of my everyday life and I’m loving it. Meditation gives me time to relax but certainly takes practice…. I’m still somewhere between telling my mind to be quiet and falling asleep :)

It would be churlish not to mention the beautiful house and grounds of Stede Court that Kathryn and Andy have slaved over. It is stunningly beautiful whilst remaining homely. No-one could fail to improve their wellbeing in such surroundings. Add to that the expert hands of Becky (masseuse) rolling and ringing the stress and tensions from your muscles as you lie listening to the gentle rustling of breeze through trees and the soft bubbling of water from the swimming pond. Heavenly.

And finally, as one quote says, “once you start laughing, you start healing”. I can’t thank Kathryn, Andy and Nellie enough for all the laughter. This Ballerina Builder will be forever grateful."

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