• Stede Court Private Fitness Retreat


Exercise & Be Outdoors

The outdoors has so many mind & body benefits:

90% of our Vitamin D comes from sunlight

Studies prove that being outdoors leads to less anxiety and a more positive mood

Appreciating nature and being mindful reduces stress levels

Exercising on an uneven surface strengthens your ankles and works your core

It makes your brain work as it concentrates on uneven surfaces, obstacles & weather

Weather, such as wind, and the cold make you burn more calories

There are lots of distractions outdoors taking your mind off a challenging workout

Studies show that 20 minutes outdoors can energise your brain, comparable to a cup of coffee

Breathing phytoncides (plant produced airborne chemicals) helps fight off infections & diseases

Helps avoid SAD

Its so happy, beautiful and can be social

Outdoor activities at our fitness retreat:

Circuits or HIIT in our woodland exercise trail

Core & stretch mat sessions in our peaceful zen area

Running & walking in our filed trail

Lots of quiet places to sit

Croquet & Boules

Decking for relaxing or meditating

Swimming pond

Lots of lovely walks or cycle rides

If its really cold or torrential rain then we move indoors!

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